Sutors Premium Gin
The Highlands. Distilled.

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Delicious new gin. Love the bottle almost as much as the contents.



A spectacular gin that has been made exclusively from ingredients gathered in the Highlands of Scotland.

Mr S.


Sutors Gin is one of the best tasting gins I have ever tasted. The taste is smooth and unique which makes it stand out from the rest.

Mr M.


What Makes Sutors Different?

At Sutors we strive to craft the best gin we can. That involves controlling all aspects of the process. We have a hand in growing the grain, we make the spirit and, forage for the botanicals including those elusive Scottish juniper berries. Sutors Gin is simply the Highlands. Distilled.


our finest product

How Our Gin is Made

Green Tea Leaves


Slow Mashed

  The grain is loaded into our mash tun usually by James and is slow steeped in hot water to convert the starches into sugars that we can ferment.

Green Tea Leaves


Small Batch Distilled

Our 500 litre still is the distillery workhorse. The spirit is distilled from the wash. Our botanicals are then selected and loaded by hand into the gin basket. We then wait for the gin to distil, testing for the point to make the cuts.

Green Tea Leaves


Hand Bottled

 Once we are happy with the batch we let down the gin from still strength to our bottled gin strength 45.4% ABV. This is then rested for a few days and bottled.

Sutors Gin 700ml 45.4% ABV
Sutors Gin 700ml 45.4% ABV
Sutors Gin 700ml 45.4% ABV
Sutors Gin 700ml 45.4% ABV
Sutors Gin 700ml 45.4% ABV
Sutors Gin 700ml 45.4% ABV
Sutors Gin 700ml 45.4% ABV

Sutors Gin 700ml 45.4% ABV


9 Key Sutors Gin Facts

  • Scottish Highlands Based Distillery
  • All Processes Performed Onsite
  • Grain to Glass Distillery
  • All Scottish Juniper Locally Foraged
  • Five Highland Foraged Botanicals
  • Small Batch Distilled
  • Smoothest Barley/Wheat Spirit
  • Great with Tonic and Grapefruit
  • Better with Cocktails

The Perfect Sutors and Tonic

Green Tea Crepe Cake


  • 25 ml Sutors Gin
  • 75 ml of Premium Tonic
  • Ice
  • Grapefruit slice or zest
  • Rosemary


  • Chill a Sutors Glass in the freezer
  • Add ice
  • Pour 25ml of Sutors Gin over the Ice
  • Pour the tonic
  • Garnish with grapefruit zest add thyme or rosemary for a delicious herb twist,