Sutors was born when Stuart decided to make his partner, Clair, a birthday present and Clair loves gin. Stuart recruited Ed and his garage. What started as a simple birthday present became a four year journey and added James to the team. We did't just want to make a gin using bought spirit, we wanted to do the whole thing. We tested malting processes, optimal grain bills and botanicals. We are fascinated by all of it and continue to love what we do.And Clair loved the gin.

Our Core Ideals

  • Make it.We wanted to make the gin. So at Sutors we will always make the whole product. We control all the processes so we can guarantee the quality we are looking for - from the grain to the juniper, the mashing to distilling we test and monitor at every stage.
  • Grow it.We wanted to make gin but we wanted it to be a uniquely highland gin. We are surrounded by fields of wheat and barley. Sutors Gin celebrates the farming heritage of our local area. Barley is a huge part of that, so for our first gin we created a barley/ wheat spirit that is smooth but characterful.
  • Forage it.Beyond the fields are wild places. Places where deer tread and wolves once roamed. The Highlands is full of berries, flowers and most of all flavours, if you know where to look. Our team includes foragers that are always looking for new and exciting flavours that we can incorporate into our uniquely highland gins.

Award Winning

We are new but are starting to be recognised recently winning silver at the London Spirits Competition. Our unique approach has also be recognised by Diffords Guide where we were also awarded the Artisans Badge.

We have been working hard on creating great spirits and it is great to have been recognised at LSC2020 and by Diffords Guide.

  • Attention to detail.We work with local farmers to develop and produce the best grain for our base spirit. Our foraging team source the highest quality botanicals sustainably. We estimate that over 20,000 juniper berries are hand selected for each batch. We strive to produce the tastiest spirits for you to enjoy.
  • Sutors Gin.This is our first gin is a love letter to where we live. The distillery is nestled among wheat and barley fields perched on the top of a small hill looking towards the mountains of Sutherland. The botanicals are all foraged within a very short distance - the Sea Buckthorn is picked at Nigg Beach, the others come from the surrounding hills and hedgerows.

Nigg beach with the North Sutor.

Don't take our word for it. Recently we have collected a Silver Award at the London Spirit Competition. We have also been recognised by Diffords Guide with 4.5/5. Our spirit is not for everyone but is a balanced drink combining the agricultural plains and the unbridled wild spirit of the Highlands.